Wednesday, May 12, 2010

IMBA World Summit 2010: Dupont State Forest

The sun finally broke out the day after riding Pisgah and we kept our general travel direction flowing towards Augusta and the World Summit. That meant Dupont State Forest was directly in our path, and that was a good thing because it was SUPER fun! I loved it, river crossings, big views, eastern slick rock, pumpy trails, techy sections mixed with great flow and wall hits. All and all a place I would highly recommend visiting. Of course the one person we ran into was the brother of Chad Gallwitz an old friend from Madison, WI!

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Davis said...

this is Davis at The Hub in Brevard. we are putting together a rack card for our rental bikes, what are the chances we could use top picture on this post? you can get in touch with me through the website: