Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lester Park Single Track on target.....


I took a bit of time today and played hooky.  But then again in this job it may also be considered work?  In any event I certainly took my experience to heart.  Some of my favorite rides are in very early spring and very late fall.

These are the times when the leaves are down, the undergrowth is gone and the landscape takes on a fully different feel and look.

You ride on the bones of the beast.

Today as I was ripping down the Lester River Trails I was thinking about if the new trails were doing what COGGS had hoped and that was to bring new folks to the sport, to create a much more entry level riding experience in Duluth. All my questions were answered when I came around the bend and ran into this family.  There were three kids (one went home before the pic was taken) and the father.  They live in the Lakeside neighborhood, rode from home and it was their first time riding the trails together.

The results were obvious.  I actually heard them way before I saw them.  The kids were hooting and laughing so much it that their noise echoed down the valley.  I have not heard that much fun being had since my last VT Pow Day.

Imagine what growing up will no be like for these kids.  Killer single track literally in their backyard and out the door.  On the reality side these folks had no idea what COGGS was but once they had ridden the trail and learned from me what the intention was, they were all about joining and getting involved, it was plain as day that the father had just discovered something else he could be doing with his kids and having fun alongside of them.

So I say good job COGGS, keep up the great work, you are inspiring new riders and giving kids and fathers experiences that they can share and cherish for the rest of their lives.

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