Monday, December 27, 2010

Cross Country Christmas

Marg cruising perfect cord at St.Mary's

Snowless, flat Minnesota....

Jump right in, the waters fine.....

Pops giving us a real Xmas present
Try as I might I find it hard to beat perfect nordic skiing, Xmas cookies, Tom and Jerry's and giving giving gifts to people I love.
The southern half of our state has more snow than the north, maybe even double the base at this point.  Luckily my father is one of the groomers at the local nordic system in Winona and he was able to at the very least keep it packed and rolled so we could get some great skiing in.  The snow however was coming to often and so consistently that even with some hot laps by the groomers it needed a going over almost every day we were home.  Thats cool with me, nothing like micro freshies on the race boards!  The backcountry was killer as well and I had a great chance to climb some river bluffs and try out the Marquette Backcountry skis that Dave O sent me to test a week or so ago.  I will have a full report on those soon.  Suffice to say however that I had a blast on them.
It was sweet, but it is looking like a thaw is coming so I am hoping to get out and get on the perfect conditions before they change!

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tatara said...

Wow. Need more information on those Marguette skis! they look super fun.