Monday, December 13, 2010

Living in a classic Minnesota snow storm

Just starting to snow

Last plane in before the big stuff hits

Pow pow

Where to put the car?
Classic winter storm grimace


Best time to play is when the snow is coming down the hardest

I rode the shoulders of a blizzard back to Minnesota from Colorado on Friday.  If I was not the last plane in before the airport shut down I was pretty close.  I grabbed a cab and told the driver where I was headed in Uptown.  He sort of gave me a blank look and I realized right then and there that this was going to be an interesting ride.  Omar was new to the state, new to the business and was certainly new to what challenges a real MN snow storm can create on the roads.  I found myself not only navigating for him but also teaching him winter driving 101.  Instead of the usual tactic of driving way to fast like most new drivers in snow, he drove way to slow.  Like 10-15 MPH on the crosstown.  His hands were clenched in a death grip on the wheel and he constantly looked up at me in the mirror with eyes the size of pizza pies.  When we finally arrived home I tipped him extra knowing it was going to be a long slow night for him.  The weekend was a constant dance with snow removal.  I have been through plenty of big snow events, but a big snow event in the city is another thing altogether.  There is nowhere to move, nowhere to put all that snow, people band together, it is actually really hard, but fun too.  I was having trouble gauging if it was truly as big a storm as I thought it was.  I mean on the mountain I know what a good storm is, I am tuned to those parameters.  However in the city I had little to gauge from.  Then I saw on the news that the Metro Dome had collapsed and I realized we had just lived through a good storm.

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