Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Small World

Last week I went on a ride with Krista Rettig, the advocacy director for Trek Bicycles. As all rides go, eventually we started talking about our past and we realized that we grew up in close proximity to each other. Somehow we also started talking about influences and people who have done just that. Well the small world connection is that Krista and I had a mutual friend who we both laughingly admit influenced our paths, both in lifestyle and possibly careers! That guy is Jeff Matzelle, most likely a few FB friends who remember Jeff.

Krista knew Jeff in college at UW Lacrosse, and I actually lived with Jeff in Big SKy Montana. For me, a newly liberated college student from UW Madison, it was like moving in with a den of pirates! Adventure to the max!
Good stories Krista!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

On Wisconsin!

A crazy week for me!
Tuesday I spoke in front of 250 people at the Western Wisconsin Bicycle Summit in Lacrosse, WI. I spoke about how local communities could partner with IMBA to create the Driftless Area Regional Ride Center. I was not the best of speakers but I muscled through it! John Burke was the keynote speaker and it was really inspiring to be involved in a panel that included the owner of Trek Bicycles. I learned a lot about public speaking. Especially since the next morning I woke up early and headed to Madison to testify in front of the Committee on Natural Resources. It has been really interesting to learn intimately how government works and then to also get involved in it. I would equate it to a mental endurance test. We sat for over four hours before we had our chance to testify for five minutes! All in all though I do feel like we were able to get our message across about State Code NR52. From there I stayed several more days in Madison, visiting with the Wisconsin Bike Fed, Trek, Wisconsin DNR and also Wheel and Sprocket owner Chris Kegel, not to mention at least four or five bike retailers dropping off IMBA materials.
Long Live Long Rides. I am home now and hitting the bike baby......