Friday, April 30, 2010

Illustrated "Why we Fight for Trails"

"For my child and his ability to have the option to do the same thing" Trails for all and trails for our kids future....

Monday, April 26, 2010

Date with my lovely wife Margaret....

After a truly insane month, Margaret and I got to have a rare date in Minneapolis. We went for dinner and play at the Guthrie Theater. Great time Muggs! Thanks again.

Unknown encounter

Unkowns. La Bodega. April 22nd, 2010.
Three beers into a one beer night.
Pints make fast friends.

Governer's Trail Council

Day two of the Wisconsin Summit was spent in the Capitol itself. Many of the constituents proceeded to speak to their representatives, I however spent most of the day at the Governer's Trails Council. This is an advisory council made up of representatives of trail uses state wide. So there are people sitting on this council that represent Ski trails, bike trails, ATV trails, Horse trails, trails for those with disabilities, motorcycles etc. I sat through several presentations and I learned a ton about how Wisconsin thinks about trail usage. I was also able to meet the WI secretary of the DNR, Matt Frank. It was cool to see that of the people that attended the council meeting, nearly all were mountain bike advocates.

After party at the Trek Mansion, Madison WI

After the social at the State Summit we piled over to an after party put on by John Burke and Trek Bikes (Check out John's blog for some great info on a Trek donation to IMBA and some more of my shots). Always nice to attend the last party of the night especially when you are staying there. The Party was held at Trek's Mansion on the Hill Inn a restored historic residence. Many thanks to John and Trek for allowing a crusty dude like myself to not only grace the place but stay there as well!

Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin State MTB Summit a success

Many thanks to all those that attended the first MTB specific break out session at the Wisconsin Bike Federations State Summit. Thanks to those that helped to organize it as well, particularly Geoff Snudden of Trek (pictured) and all the folks from HPT and WORBA as well as the Panelists, John Seigert, Scott Chapin, Ron Bergin, and Gene Roberts. Also thanks to Marvin Wanders and Dan Luebke, Ron Bergin and Scott Chapin for doing some great presentations.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Why We Fight for Trails

Why We Fight for trails.

Endless committee meetings, suits, ties, handshakes and powerpoints, emails, distressed phone calls on threatened trails,happy faces and sad faces, advice, consultations, MOU's, contracts, bids, DNR, Webinar, opportunities, advocacy . All the while I am bolstered by a single vision in my minds eye because there is no question in my heart why I fight....

Its for the wind in our hair and the sun on our faces.
For the weightless turns.
The sounds of the forest singing by our ears.
To shed to burden of gravity and feel the speed of the deer and the flight and freedom of the birds.
To giggle like a two year old eating chocolate for the first time.
For silence and solitude.
For my child and his ability to have the option to do the same thing.
For community and friendship, comrades.
Visions and vistas
Slimmer waistlines and lighter steps
Everyday adventure

Rushford Town Meeting

This week has been a whirlwind, Monday seems like it was a month ago. So on this weeks tour besides attending the Wisconsin Bike Summit I also made a presentation supporting HPT and Driftless Area Regional Ride center. The presentation was in Rushford, MN Already linked to Lanesboro, MN by the Root River Paved Trail, the community is interested in a Single Track system that would flesh out an already weighty cycling market.

Good Ride with Dad

On my way down to the Wisconsin Bike Federations State Summit in Madison I spent a morning with my father and got some time in the bluffs of Pickwick, MN.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Retro Iceland Photo

With all the buzz on the Icelandic Volcanic Eruption I had to post this old photo. It is me in 1995 on a bike tour I did in Iceland. I am actually crossing one of the many dusty volcanic plains, very near to where the current eruption is. Crazy place. I miss it. I think I am happy in this picture because I am finally getting near the sea again after an interior crossing...

Adam Swanson: Bike Art

Some great local bike art here in Duluth. Check out Adam Swanson's great take on two wheels...PS
These prints were used as thank you gifts to a bunch of trails advocates at the Wisconsin State Bike Summit. John Seigert, Harold Schmidt, Gene Roberts, Geoff Snudden all walked with a print from Adam.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Images: Wheel and Sprocket Campaign

Some cool people to hang out with at Wheel. Geoff Snudden of Trek (always a good time) Dan from Wheel and Sprocket, Nat Ross (former Pro Racer, Gary Fisher) Chris Kegel, Gary Fisher and of course all the rest of the crew that showed up from all over the country!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hanging with Gary Fisher

Had a really interesting day with Gary Fisher at the Wheel and Sprocket Sale yesterday. Good times, good people and fun adventures.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Heck of the North!!

Tae is crying because his entry to the Heck of the North was rejected. Most likely a good thing since as a two year old and still pushing his "strider" bike it might have been a long day. However, his Dad did indeed get in! October 2nd a day to live with infamy...