Monday, January 03, 2011

Cocktails with Christian: A fundraiser for CAMBr with Christian Vande Velde

Christian Vande Velde and his daughter

Country Mouse-City Mouse


SRAM walls of fame
I am inspired every time I head to Chicago but this time was especially awesome. Pro Cyclist (Garmin Connect)  Christian Vande Velde was gracious enough to throw a fundraiser for the Chicago Area Mountain Bike riders and it was a huge success.  It is a rare thing to have an athlete of his stature take the time to really give back to his local community and to his sport, so this was a really, really cool event.

Joining Christian were Robbie Ventura (US Postal), Jason McCartney (Radio Shack, Discovery) and John Vande Velde (Christians father and Cycling Hall of famer himself).

As usual I stumbled around with my jaw dropping and my eyes wide as I toured the city.  Man, what a crazy place.  I was also really stoked to swing by and see my friends at SRAM.  SRAM is another huge inspiration, they were a big sponsor of Christians event and are also huge supporters of IMBA, not only financially, but there is solid support from literally every employee I have met there as well.  Thanks again SRAM, I work that much harder after every time I stop by!

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