Monday, January 31, 2011

Flying high with the Iowa nightbirds in search of Templeton Rye....


I was flattered to be invited to the Iowa Bicycle Summit last weekend to speak on "Urban Dirt".  The presentation was successful despite a strange twist in the weekend.  

That strange twist was Templeton Rye, a local IA Whiskey that (as I found out) has become hard to find due to its limited first run.  I had actually met one of the owners of Templeton when a flight I was on 5 plus years ago was delayed.  I of course ended up at the bar and started up a conversation with this fellow.  He explained the whole business idea and that Templeton was just getting started etc.  I still have his card here somewhere.  So it was cool to find out that not only was the first batch of the stuff done, but it had been so popular that it was literally sold out at most of the establishments in Des Moines.  So with Ryan Hanser as the ring leader (although Sam and Justin were certainly motivated as well!), we ventured out to find a living bottle of Templeton Rye (and then kill it).  I thought it would be a worthy quest but I did not realize it would take two nights!  

On the second night the quest became pretty surreal as we drank our fair share of whiskey (you cant just leave a bar if they dont have the Templeton!) and Belgian Sour Beers.  There were huge murders of crows as we walked late into the night to accompany us.  We wandered into all sorts of bars, some bathed in green light, some dark with corner niches to hole up in.

The IA Dirt gang (Clubs from Decorah, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Des MoinesQuad CitiesCouncil Bluffs) can party with the best of them and they really know how to have a great time.  I look forward to any trip, both because of the fun riding and certainly the fun social scene when I am lucky enough to have a trip down there!  Thanks to all those who attended and thanks for the great hospitality as usual!

Watching the sun come up over Des Moines (also the best bike Ped bridge going!)

The Quarry

Dave Dawkins would be proud

Early on the signs pointed to an interesting night


Nope, no Tempelton here!

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NoyzSource said...

The Australian dude that I won ended up being too hung over to answer his phone by noon on Sunday. I went back to Cedar Rapids without him.