Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh to be a kid again

Pine Valley a kids paradise

Going on up to the big hill?

Mont Du, another great place to be a kid
It has been a few winters since we adopted Tae and he is just starting to hit that age where we are getting to ski with him.  Because of that I feel like I have been skiing a lot lately.  It really strikes me what a great quality of life the Midwest brings to families with kids who are just learning to ski.  Last night I skied a 5km race at Pine Valley about 5 minutes from my house.  When I arrived the lights were on both the nordic trails and the ski jumps.  The parking lot was full and kids were hurling themselves down the five or so progressive jumps in the park.  The warming hut was open, hot chocolate brewing and cookies were being baked in the oven!  A tow rope hauls the kids up to the upper jumps, younger kids are just skiing the bunny slopes while other kids are running nordic.  All free.  It blew my mind, what a huge opportunity for a kid like Tae.  The same cool thing is going on with Mont Du Lac.  About 10 minutes from our house ( I actually ski down to it as it is linked to the State Park we live on) it has a great tow rope, free to kids and parents.  Oh yeah it also has great craft beer on tap and a sweet fireplace to hang at while you take turns hauling the kid.  It is certainly fun for me, but I am looking forward to watching Tae progress and utilize all the great skiing he will have in the next 10 plus years before he starts looking at much bigger hills.....


Anonymous said...

Holy lutefisk batman....that place is AWESOME....did you huck that baby on the tele gear Hansi?

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