Monday, January 10, 2011


Tae getting in the "Fast" position

I have been fortunate in my life to have skied a great many places and with a great many folks.  My former boss, John Schweizer told me once that after 50 years of skiing he can only remember a few distinct ski days, that they all sort of started rolling together.  I did not agree with him then but now, many years later I have to admit that after so many great trips, tours, powder days and resort days, they do start to blend into one another.  However that said, I do remember a few key days (not all here obviously).  Here are few images to support those memories but if I could add a few I dont have pictures of...

First is skiing in Garmisch, Germany with Josh Mac and watching him throw one of biggest hucks that I have ever witnessed off a wind lip just to shame the shit out of "Rudi" the German ski instructor we happened (not by choice) to be skiing with.

Second is skiing with John Zeigle and Doug Coombs in Lagrave, France.  We skied Doug's famous Couloir to Bar line. 7,000 vertical feet and at the bottom I watched in amazement as Doug pounded on some boarded up, building deep in the embrace of a huge snow drift.  After a few knocks an old woman opened up the door and gestured us in for the best Rabbit Stew and beers I have ever tasted.

Third is skiing in Fernie, BC with the indestructible Tyler Merrit and watching as he jumped into a huge, scary chute without attaching his left tele cable to his boot....

Just another day in Norway
I remember, skiing with my wife Margaret in Norway, this day was just off a road between two destinations.  We had just pulled over, parked the car, strapped the skins on and went for a tour, it was just jaw dropping.  The snow pack was perfect, fast deep and because of that the Aspen trees were almost too picturesque.
The pirates negotiate their share of the booty
I remember skiing with the "BD Ski Team" (an informal and wholly incorrect name but those on it know why it is called what it is).  This time was at WhiteCap alpine with Rich Marshall.   Chris Clark was having a birthday and to celebrate it we hired a helicopter and had ourselves dropped off miles and thousands of vertical feet distant and toured our way home.  We skied our hearts out and Chris had one hell of birthday.
Me-happy winner of paper scissors rock....

Craig Hatton AKA the Reverend about to marry Kass and Elmo
 I remember skiing the day Mike Elmgren and Kass Harstad were married.  Of course I also remember the day of skiing that "Elmo"was buried but I try and put that one behind me as much as possible.

To add to all those great memories on skis, I can now add the first time I skied with my 2.5 half year old son Tae at Spirit Mountain, Duluth MN!  It ranks up there with easily all of the things I mentioned above and I can honestly say, this day will go with me to my death.

I hugged Tae and I asked him if he wanted to turn or go fast.  He looked up at me with his big assed helmet on his head and a very, very serious face and said, "go fast dad" and my heart just about burst...........


Anonymous said...

Nice job Hansi.

Iowagriz said...

I'm going to like working with you (CITA). I also come from a ski background, grew up at The Big Mtn, taught and then coached the kids freestyle team at Snowbowl (Missoula) and also distinctly remember the day that my twin girls strapped on skis. 2.5yrs old as well. Pizza or Carrots? (wedge or fast). Carrots Daddy!

ryan said...

power to the parents ;) look forward to seeing you in des moines.

Mark Roberts said...

Nice post! I wish I had years of skiing experience to reminisce about!