Monday, April 18, 2011

Barn Sale: May 7th 2011

Grandpa detris
Might as well start getting the word out soon.  The barn in Thomson is way to full of stuff.  After a decade plus of working in the outdoor industry as a ski rep, Patagonia rep, Lotus and Astral rep, kayak and canoe rep, I am finally going to have a solid blow out sale.  Might even be a few other reps with the same issues, who knows.  The fact of the matter however is that on May 7th there will be a barn full of stuff for sale (cheap) and some beer to drink and a sauna to roast in.  So if you know where I live come on over, if not contact me and I will let you know.  Also if you have a good piece or two of outdoor gear and want to toss it in, give a hoot too.  We will also post more details on Facebook as well.

Of all the stuff I am trying to get rid of there were also boxes of "stuff" that inherited from my grandfather General Clinton "Buck" Johnson.  I was feeling pretty nostalgic and as I weeded through it I was amazed at how much meaning an old jar with some lead shot and 45 Auto rounds could be.  I wont relate my grandfathers story but suffice to say the photo above captures a lot more than one would think about the man and his history.

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