Sunday, May 01, 2011

Family Escape, Pickwick Minnesota April 2011

 It would seem that all of our past sins up here in Northern Minnesota are coming back to haunt us.  April has had more snow than March and the temps cant seem to climb past 40.  It is like the sun has forgotten us.  So with that said, the family and I drove 5 hours south to see if the weather was any better. It was not, although there was a bit more green grass and flowers so that at the very least was pleasant.  The fishing proved great and of course the company was even greater, so all in all we had a memorable time.
Fishing Pickwick Style 

Always someone there before you

Stream rubble

Small fry

Bloedow's, kicking Crispy Cream ass since 1924

Old mills and trout streams

Dan Grimslid Winona Art Tour
Dan Grimslid Studio


Anonymous said...

Cool...Pics give sense of landscape,people,culture.great way to start my day...thanks

Greg said...

Gorgeous stuff! Love spring in Minnesota. I'd love to fish that pasture stretch!