Monday, June 13, 2011

Cuyuna Mountain Bike Festival (Ripping with Hans Rey)

The highlight of my weekend and perhaps my tenure with IMBA was on Sunday.  

After Hans and John did a technical trails clinic at Yawkey I took them and Josh Abrahamson on a tour of the trails around Pennington.  Hans has been pioneering the idea of "Flow Country" trails for a while now.  The idea being that there are different types of flow trails and that Flow Country trails are gravity based.  Hans was interested in seeing if any of the Cuyuna trails would fit this designation.  

After seeing the smile on his face and hearing the whooping he was doing coming down Sand Hog I got the feeling that yes, it did.  It was a really fun ride.  

The cross country race was due to start, so the trails were actually closed and because of that we had a sense of urgency to get Hans on all the key trails before we lost the ability to access the runs.  So I was forced to give an off menu tour and use my memory on how to most efficiently combine the ride to hit those trails.  It was a fun mental exercise on my end and a great quick ride on theirs.  We ended up hitting, Screamer, Endo Ally, Sand Hog, Chute, Ferris Wheel and Roly Poly all in the span of about an hour.  The stoke was high by the end of the ride.  Hans, John and Joshe's because of the great trails and mine because some great riders were so so happy to be riding at Cuyuna!

Flow Country!


J. Gaddo said...

That was an awesome ride!!!

Loki said...

Good job last weekend to you too! Thanks for the comment! I was not sure how to spell your last name! Corrected on the post now!
Nice to hang and ride with you guys!

Joel said...

I know it was a great experience for the town, Hansi. I hope it can all happen again next year in Crosby.