Thursday, June 09, 2011

Cuyuna Mountain Bike Festival (worker bee day number 1)

Does something look a bit odd to you here?

Nick killing it on Rori's bike (Note tire positions)


I spent the Thursday before the Grand Opening of Cuyuna working with Nick from the Cuyuna/MORC Club getting the trails ready for the race coming up this Saturday.  It was awesome.  Perfect day, lots of folks riding and lots of world class people watching.  I have to say that if the goal of these trails was to bring in new riders and influence young people to ride (which it was) then we have won the war for sure.  I saw Jr. High kids killing it on Huffy's and 3-Speed bikes they obviously knicked from their parents.  I saw my first broken frame in Yawkey, I saw folks looking at maps and riding on trails I have in the past only seen one or two of my closest friends or workmates on.  The sounds themselves inspiring. Crazy hoots and hollers were sounding from all areas of the system.  Today I really loved my job.....

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Joel said...

Great job Hansi ... and a great festival as well.