Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Great Lakes Summit in Copper Harbor: Huge success

Thanks to Aaron Rogers and the many folks of the Copper Harbor Trails Club and the Keweenaw Trails Alliance, we had a resounding success with the Great Lakes MTB Summit.  It was an all star cast including 8 clubs from across the region, Mike Mercuri and Ron Ritzler of SRAM and also Mike Van Abel (IMBA Exec. Director), Chris Bernhardt director of Trail Solutions.  Here are some shots from the Mayhem (I am still licking my wounds from both the day and the night).
Keep it on the straight and narrow

On the Edge

Trail Genius!!

Endless turns in Copper Harbor!

Pete is not afraid...

Pete and Rudy hanging at the AM session

Adam Sundberg wonders just how well the trails drain 

The Jam Pot (Heavenly tastes)


Ash said...

That is too cool! I love the wood path/ramp/what is that?

The Tuckerbag

brian said...

Sweet Jeebus, I love the Jampot. Thimbleberry jam is heavenly!

Andy said...

Fantastic photos!