Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer recess: Solo time at the Cabin in Bigfork, MN

I spent the weekend solo at the family cabin near Big Fork.

Marg and Tae give me a few times a year to escape to the cabin and seek the adventures I am so fond of.  

This time around was no different.  I am amazed at hard I can play here.  Friday I road about 5 hours on two track logging roads, saw some awesome country, also fought some fierce horseflys too!  Saturday I battled the most arduous trout stream I have tangled with in years.  Stonybrook Creek.  Caught some Brookies and ventured into a spot I have not yet experienced.  Sunday I paddled across one pretty large lake, up a long sluggish river to another lake and back again, fishing all the way.  Mixed in with all of this was a lot of book reading, photography, KAXE radio and swimming off the dock as well.

Thanks for the weekend Marg!  I used it.

Fairview, Big Fork MN

Cabin detail


Ahhh, summer it is...finally!

Fishing boat: Many an expedition had in this thing

Fishing boat detail

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Joboo said...

Northern Mn. at it's finest!!
thanks for sharing!!

Peace, Joboo