Sunday, August 28, 2011

IMBA Trail Care Crew visit: LAMBA White Lake WI

Someday I want to write a book on the how humans have adapted to cycling in off road conditions.  I have seen so many different types of terrain and so many trails in this job that I have experienced how terrain dictates trail type, dictates riding style and gear etc.  In Copper Harbor you have cedar bridging.  In Duluth you have literal slick rock, in Cuyuna you have dusty sharp red rocks and on the Nicolette Roche Trails you have large round boulders.  All are incorporated in the the trails and all have created interesting rides.  
The boulders and the trails near Bear Paw Adventure are interesting and inspiring.  Not only in how fun they are to roll over, but also visually.  Add to that the fact that a huge F4 Tornado ripped the area a few years ago and you have a really amazing riding experience.  The blow zone is a veritable sea of black berries, I had trouble riding there were so many.  However the loud crashing of a bear got me rolling pretty quickly at one point!

Great job LAMBA, great trails and thanks for having IMBA come and do a visit!

Charlie rolling another big rock 

Riding through the impact zone

Kayak tree a memorial to the tornado

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Rao said...

Awesome pics, i like adventure cycling too, sadly i did it only when i was a kid