Thursday, August 11, 2011

Trek World 2011: Team Leopard goes Mountain Biking

Trek brought in the big guns for this years show.  Team Leopard was on hand to talk about their recent domination of the TDF.  It was amazing to hear their stories.  After speaking in front of the crowd, they sat down to sign autographs.....the line was literally 3-4 hours long so I skipped it.

However, the next day I was hanging out at the Trek Trails and low and behold Andy, Frank and Jens showed up for an MTB ride.  I was able to meet them and get some shots as well!

Fabian Cancellara wading through a lot of writing

Actual tour bikes on display

Heading out on the trails

Andy Schleck hitting the berms

Frank Schleck tearing it up on the Superfly 

Jens Voigt signing Ken Derrico's demo truck (note other autographs)

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