Thursday, September 29, 2011

2011 Duck Opener Bigfork, MN

I know, every fall my blog gets a bit rednecky and trends towards the hunting and fishing side of things.  Well I can not deny it, I love to be outside and I love to be outside in the fall and my history and heritage has always put me there with a gun or a fishing pole in my anyway this was the best duck opener I can remember.  It had it all.  Action, intrigue, failure, comedy and my buddy Chris Godsey as well.

Ducks love rice and we had a lot of both

Godsey picks em up

Here ducky, ducky, ducky

Camo man

Drip, drip, drip

The pay off, roast duck and grouse!


Zach Serre said...

Just stumbled upon your website. Cool stuff. Was wondering what type of camera do you shoot with?

Loki said...

Hey Zach!

Thanks, I actually have two cameras right now. I shoot a Lumix GF1 when I am riding or doing something where I need a lighter camera. I also use a Canon 5D Mark 2 when I am able to haul the heavy metal!