Wednesday, October 12, 2011

SE MN Interlude 2011

I was back home in Pickwick, MN this last week.  My mother actually put on a play, funded by the Legacy Fund and it was awesome.  I will post a few shots from the play as I get a chance.  While home I went Duck hunting with my father, paddling on the old Miss and also had a chance to photograph my buddy Steve Briggs at his Farm.  Here are some shots from the Briggs Farm.  What a place.  It is actually now a B&B that specializes in outdoor pursuits.  Currently Steve is catering towards Deer and Turkey Hunting and if you love to do either, you should lust over heading to the Briggs Farm.  It is thousands of acres of perfect Southeastern MN farmland, huge views, amazing terrain and all the bells and whistle any hunter would want.  Including Steve both guiding for you and cooking Morrel Mushrooms and tenderloin on his wood fired cook stove in the mornings.....

Waking up for the hunt
Suiting up...
Up a Tree with a world class view

Deer food

Food plots and bluff views

SE MN Blufflands
Home sweet home

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