Monday, October 10, 2011

Trek IMBA Dealer camp 2011 Cable, WI

For the past three years Geoff Snudden of Trek Bikes has been hosting an Advocacy Dealer Camp.  It has moved about a few times but this year we were in Cable, WI.  Land of CAMBA.  It was an awesome three days.  I ended up riding the Rock Lake Epic with my buddies Sam and Nate of Spring Street Sport and CORBA.  Sam was nursing some wounds (some attained during the night ride the evening before) so Nate and I pushed on.  It was a long day but well worth the effort as the leaves were prime, the scenery world class, the weather perfect.  We rattled around the Telemark Lodge as virtually the only guests (and of course that ended in Mayhem) and spent some quality time at the Ideal Market with Gary Crandall, Ron Bergin and Mick.  A great time was had by all.  Thanks Geoff and Trek!

Explosives,  what happens when you get IMBA and Trek together...
Wheely contest west wing..

Telemark Lodge DH Course

Lots and lots of riding on the CAMBA trails
Nursing hangovers in the Telemark Lodge

Celebrity bartenders at the Ideal Market

Perfect nights

Lots o leaves!

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Jeremy Kershaw said...

Awesome photos as always. Can I geek out and ask what you are using for a camera most of the time?

Thanks and always look forward to the next post.

Jeremy Kershaw