Monday, November 28, 2011


So I have made a few interesting transitions on the past month or so and this picture illustrates it.  The boys at QBP and Surly Bikes have conspired to get me riding a Fat bike.  To be honest it was time.  Not only have I been watching the sport evolve over the past 7 years or so, I have also been starting to get a lot of questions from land managers as to how the "snow bikes" should be managed.  A few have even started to think about grooming trails specifically for Snow bikes.  That said, I have needed to learn what is up.

This is the kind of learning I love and I have to say it has opened up some new ideas and possible routes I cant wait to try once things freeze solid.

The other big learning transition in this photo is the use of off camera flash and speedlights.  I have been tinkering endlessly with some cheap Cactus V5 wireless remotes and both my cameras.  It has been interesting, I am just starting to get moderate results but I can see that there will be a time when there is always a remote/speedlight set up in the pack.  The Cactus V5's are also reversible with a cable so you can use them as a Camera remote and that is allowing me to actually take photos of myself riding.  I see a lot of riders who are also photographers shooting the classic, lonely and a lot of times uninteresting shots of  their bikes leaning against the ground a railing etc.  Sometimes those shots are all that you have time for, or you can pull off, but in reality they are a record of events and often times not technically composed and or orchestrated shots.  I can see why!  Shooting photo's of yourself takes a ton of time, and at least for me, so far, does not produce that great of shots either.  However, by constantly tinkering with the remote flash, remote trigger, I can see where shots that I am actually setting up and executing with other riders will start to become much, much higher quality...


Aaron W. Hautala said...

Can't wait to rock the ProFotos and mobile generator with you next spring. That my friend, will be epic. (or it could really stink too, we'll know in June!)

maugirl said...

Cool shot! Love the balance between the ambient and flash.