Friday, July 22, 2011

Hayward, WI: Hanging with Mom and Dad at Indian Lake

Last weekend the family and I went to spend time with my parents in Hayward, WI.  It was a great few days, lots of swimming, lots of kid time and lots of time trying to figure out my new 5D Mark II.  lots to learn with this gizmo...
Storm one.

Dad and Tae

Interior Young Otter Lodge

Dad getting the pizza oven rolling

Results are optimal...

Marg doing her round the lake swim

Storm two!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Taes Job at the Dirtspanker

Taes, job at the Dirtspanker was all his idea.  Very intuitive for a three year old.  The race was over 90 degrees and nearly 90 percent humidity.  At first Tae was worried the racers would get mad at him, but that thought faded quickly....

Waiting for the prey

Tough customer

Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer recess: Solo time at the Cabin in Bigfork, MN

I spent the weekend solo at the family cabin near Big Fork.

Marg and Tae give me a few times a year to escape to the cabin and seek the adventures I am so fond of.  

This time around was no different.  I am amazed at hard I can play here.  Friday I road about 5 hours on two track logging roads, saw some awesome country, also fought some fierce horseflys too!  Saturday I battled the most arduous trout stream I have tangled with in years.  Stonybrook Creek.  Caught some Brookies and ventured into a spot I have not yet experienced.  Sunday I paddled across one pretty large lake, up a long sluggish river to another lake and back again, fishing all the way.  Mixed in with all of this was a lot of book reading, photography, KAXE radio and swimming off the dock as well.

Thanks for the weekend Marg!  I used it.

Fairview, Big Fork MN

Cabin detail


Ahhh, summer it is...finally!

Fishing boat: Many an expedition had in this thing

Fishing boat detail

Friday, July 08, 2011

Hanging out with an old buddy: My Wenonah Advantage

I found myself with some time to actually get out and paddle last night.  

It has been a crazy spring and early summer that is for sure.  I am continually amazed at the recreational resources that we have out our back door. 

 I spend a huge amount of my time visiting places that are trying to become vacation destination, yet the outdoor place I enjoy the most, is my own backyard.  I am also stoked to have my 16 foot solo canoe to explore it in too, what a sweet adventure tool to have in the quiver.  I hit moving water, slack water, longer tours and fish and camp out of it on top of all that as well!

The wild flowers just keep on coming!

"Upstream Downstream" swimming hole of the gods....

Good woods

Yeah, this is my backyard

One of the first and the biggest hydro projects of 1907!

Monday, July 04, 2011