Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2011-2012 the winter of my discontent

Picking sticks
It is sad but true.  For the first time since I can remember, I have not actually picked up a pair of skis and fired them in anger yet. Normally I am skiing by early November.

 There has literally been NO snow in our area.  I have no time to drive for it and too little cash to pay for it.  So the snow bike has been the weapon of choice.  However this week I am on the road and because of that I am hoping to stomp some of my first klicks of the season.  Funny, my life has been defined by skiing but as the weather shifts I can sense change in the air.


Anonymous said...

Your friends in Vermont have felt similar frustration and unease. Although I have been on skis we have also endured the snow/thaw cycle heartbreak and I'm not sure if thats a better experience. From a personal perspective, if this is the new normal, I have some serious recalibration to get working on. JJ

Vito said...

Sad, but so true.

Erik said...

So true. After last winter of over 500k, I signed up for noquemanon in Marquette (50k). So far only 30 k of hard fought man-made snow in the cities.... still, I gotta hang up the bike for a bit and even poor skiing seems to be the fix!

Fred said...

Look on the bright side, you didn't make the move to Lake Tahoe CA for the pure purpose of cashing in on another epic year.
We climbed into late December and played enough pond hockey to make me think I was still in Minnesota.

Derek Weiss said...

Same in Utah, more or less. We have snow, but the avy conditions are so heinous, it's only barely worth touring. All the nordic centers are just barely scraping by.

What a winter.

Vito said...

I fear that I will slip into that dark and very lonely place called depression if I don't get myself up north very soon.

This weather has sucked up my motivation and desire:(