Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Day of the doomed wheel

 I had one of those days today.  I have been hauling my bike to work in the hopes that things would slow down enough to actually get out and knock off a classic Park Point Beach ride.  Conditions are perfect, frozen ice and sand so it is fast and really fun.  Most the folks around here with a Fat Bike have done this at one point or another.  For me though, this is literally out the door of IMBA Midwest HQ, so it is a perfect lunch ride.  The ride was killer and after a really hectic day of meetings and work, I was stoked to get out and blow off some steam.

Unfortunately driving on my way home my make shift hauling system on my Trailer Hitch rack busted loose and my rear wheel sagged low enough on the rack to be half dragging at 80mph down the highway.  It was dark so I was not able to see it.  I got out of my car at home to see a mangled rear rim and shredded tire.  So now I am an addict with no gizmo to get my jones out on.....crazy how you can love something so much and then just watch it go poof!  Who knows when I will get this rig rolling again but I can tell you I am going to miss it..

Bay side going up
The doomed Pug wheel, may it rest in pieces

Harbor side going home


Ken said...

Bum city, surely you will be able to hook up with a new hoop! Must say, the photography has been evolving like mad, nice!

Loki said...

This just in! Looks like some filing and some bending and the rim (albeit ugly as hell) will hold a tire! Back in biz....and none too soon as the weather outside is delightful!

JeffOYB said...

Hi! Inspiring blog and pics!

Say, there's a typo in your header -- try "conscious."

I woulda just emailed it, but these blog acc'ts never seem to have email addresses, oddly.

I appreciate your sustainable outdoor sports angle. I'm starting to sense that XC trail grooming and maintenance might have big overhead costs in many ways that plain old skiin' on trails doesn't have. Sure, grooming is great, but I think we need to uplift the plain old trail. It's how most folks ski, after all.

Best wishes! --JP

Loki said...

Hey Jeff!
Thanks for the proof read. I have always thought it looked odd! At this point in this especially weird winter, it is all about doing whatever it takes to stay go with what is out there!