Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fleeing South for some winter

High quality American made junk
First skis of the season
Great entertainment after skiing at the FRFF
Trying to wake the trout up!!
Snow cones

Tae working the table
Frozen River Film Festival kids activities were great!
And repeat!
Thus is the weirdness of this winter that it is actually better to drive south to find a frosty experience than north.  I had the pleasure of grabbing the family and heading to Winona to participate in our first Frozen River Film Festival.  The weekend had it all.  Early morning winter trout fishing (a new experience for me) Nordic skiing at St. Mary's College and of course watching some really interesting films with my family.  Lots of great times, good beers and cultural interactions.  Of course I also hauled the snow bike and had a great ride on a few snow mobile trails as well!

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