Friday, February 17, 2012

Frostbike 2012: Day one Salsa ride!

I had the unique experience of guiding Gnat and Kid around my home area yesterday.  It was great to have the Salsa guys up to experience the amazing riding we have in Thomson.  Along for the ride were also three folks from Japan.  One of which was a pro photographer for several Japanese magazines.  It was really interesting to have not only Gnat and Kid, both photo geeks like myself, but then to put a Japanese pro photo guy into the mix as well!  The shots that they took were amazing.  I did not get much as I was the "guide" but I still managed to pop a few shots of the day.  It started on the Louie, then moved to the shore of Lake Superior.  So they were able to really get a great Duluth experience in a short amount of time!

Cant wait to see the shots guys and thanks for the great tour!

Lake Superior Skies

Gnat heading for home
Toshiaki Yokoi, Shuji Yamamoto and Yozo- Oda
Shuji loving Thomson riding


mark scotch said...

amazed you had enough ice...nice pics.

Kenspeckle said...

Great Superior sky shot. You'll need to add a guest house to the family compound to take care of the exponential growth of riders coming to sample your ice trails, Hansi.