Thursday, February 23, 2012

Frostbike 2012: The rest of the story

I was the big winner at the fake casino

Gotta love One on One, any shop that tells you what they WONT sell you has to be cool!

This would be a great shot of Morgan Meredith of BIKE if it were not for that chain in his nose....

Church of two wheels
Well I have to apologize for the long lapse in posting.  You see Frostbike nearly killed me.  I dont know what bug I ran into there but it was a super strain.  Even now, a week later I am reeling.  Unfortunately for me, my life has a schedule that is planned in minutes and not in days anymore.  I came home from Frostbike, hugged my wife, played with Tae and then hopped back in the car and drove to Madison, WI for the WI State Advocacy Summit.  The flu hit me hard on the way there.  I was veritable fountain of waste for the five hour drive down.  I was then bed ridden once I found a hotel and somehow managed to stagger through my presentation on Tuesday.  Needless to say, my posting has taken a back seat.  So with that said, here are a few other shots from Frostbike.  Not my best photo achievements but I thought I would at least finish the story.  It was a great event.  I got to hang with both new and old friends from BIKE Mag and even saw Al Sparhawk and the Retribution Gospel Choir in St.Paul which is always worth seeing!!


Greg said...

Great photos, bummer about the bug.

I was at the RGC show, too! Wish we could have met up. Great rocknroll.

Zach Serre said...

Good stuff as always. That sucks about the bug. Hope you are feeling better. Your reference to Frostbike made me want to share a friend's latest project. Low cost frame jig!

Any word of mouth is much appreciated!

Keep on truckin'