Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Home Sweet Home: Whitecap Alpine Hut on McGillivray Pass, BC

Whitecap Alpine Hut

Runs from the outhouse

Headed for home
Home run from Standard Ridge

Boot drying room


Home from McGillivray Pass

Peak to Peak

Looking at McGillivray Peak


I thought I would take the time and space to explain the living situation at Whitecap Alpine.  Certainly you are in the middle of nowhere but you are not wanting for a thing.  Whitecap hits the center of the market as far as ski touring huts are concerned.

I have been in some pretty primitive huts where you do the food, the fuel and the general housekeeping.  I have also been in some pretty interesting and upscale huts with hot tubs, climbing walls and high pressure showers as well.  Whitecap is in the center of that, great food, great cook, perfect spaces for sleeping, warm, clean and dry.  There is a shower a Sauna and heated heads for your Eau d Toilet pleasure.  Lars and his father Ron bust their butts to keep this place up and running and it shows. The hut is super comfortable, it reminds me of hanging out at my parents lake home, only its in the middle of the Coastal Range in BC!

Returning to the hut is perhaps the best part of a long ski tour.  You come skiing over the ridge line and can see the hut way below you.  As you rip your skins you realize that the next stop is a warm hut with beer on tap and a hot sauna brewing to take your pain away, plus some killer food to replace all those calories you burned skiing your brains out!

Oh yeah, about the Scarpa Watermarks.  Kim Miller and Scarpa NA, were my benefactors on this trip and because of that I am going to be watermarking these shots for them in thanks and also because technically they own them all!

More to come!

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Vito said...

OMG!!! Talk about a little slice of heaven. What a wonderful place to escape to.