Friday, March 09, 2012

The importance of a great guide: Rich Marshal Whitecap Alpine 2012

Always vigilant

Can take the heavy BS we throw at him!


Fishing for water
Every time we venture into unknown terrain and unknown snow conditions we put ourselves at risk.  Risk of danger and also risk of not skiing the absolute best lines safety and conditions allow.  Both are important.  First you need to come home and secondly, if your going to put all that time, money and energy into skiing such an amazing place as the Coastal Range, you want to know your skiing the best terrain you can possibly get on.

For that reason we hire a pro.  Rich Marshall.  Rich has been working with our group and members of our group for nearly 20 years.  To have Rich as a guide is literally skiing with a friend, but a friend who has the insane skills to read the snowpack and to route find like no other.  He is an aggressive skier and he is able to take us to aggressive lines as long as conditions allow.  He challenges us on both the up track and the descent and that is saying a lot because our group is an extremely experienced lot.

I can honestly say that there is no doubt I would not have skied half the crazy lines I have skied in my life had Rich not given me the nod to go there.  Rich has had some pretty incredible experiences in the backcountry and some of them have been on the sad side, but those experiences have created a veteran guide who understands the dangers that the mountains can hide and can also understand the positive life changing experiences that conditions can yield as well.  I for one would not at this point in my life go on a true BC powder trip without a certified Canadian Ski Guide and my first choice is Rich.  Thanks for a great trip Rich and stay safe out there.

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Todd said...

This has been a great trip report. Thanks for taking us along.