Monday, March 12, 2012

Thanks to Ryan and

I need to take a minute for a public service announcement.

Often once a project is done you hear many things like "this would not have occurred if it were not for....."  well in my case there were several such people.  One was Kim Miller and Scarpa and I have already alluded to that.  The second (and no less important) was Ryan Marshik and  Ryan is an incredible photographer in his own right.

 I am pretty focused on becoming a good photographer and work extremely hard at it, Ryan however is the understated guy that not only works hard at it but has some amazing talent to bolster that as well.  In addition to being a passionate photographer, Ryan also runs a business that rents extremely high end photo gear.  Nikon and Canon are the focus, but again on the upper end of the quality spectrum.

Without access to Ryan's gear I would have gone on this trip with basically two lenses.  Because of Ryan I went on this trip with four.  I used his L series 70-200mm and his wide angle 17-40mm as well.  In addition I also used a sweet Carbon tripod too.  Without this gear I would not have attained even a portion of the "keepers" I have in my portfolio now. What a great option for amateurs like myself, to be able to rent high quality gear at a low price and gain that experience before I sink a thousand dollars into a lens.

 In addition Ryan is a great teacher and every time I meet and talk with Ryan I come away with more knowledge than I had before we met and that is even cooler.  Ryan and his business deserve some attention and I hope folks give it to him!

Thanks again Ryan!

Ryan, self portrait Piedmont Trails, Duluth MN

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