Monday, March 05, 2012

Trip summary Whitecap Alpine 2012.

I took a huge amount of images while on the Whitecap Alpine trip.  For me this was as much an artistic challenge as a ski challenge, although I got plenty of that.  Consider the fact that we had literally zero snow up until I flew off for this trip (we have two feet now! figures).  Those of you that ski tour know what a check against a person that is.  Not only is there the skiing up, but the skiing down as well.  Fitness and ski skills all rolled into one and what the heck, toss in another 20 plus pounds of photo equipment on top that and you have one tired Hansi.  I dragged that stuff up the hill, then balanced it down as well!

So I am going to start putting some images up for review, these are not even close to all that I shot, but there are some fun ones I would love to get up on the blog.  All in all I did very well on the touring side of the equation but not quite as well as I would have liked on the descents.  Mainly because it was hard to get folks to want to stop and set up shots.  This was not a photo shoot for them, so I had to be very discreet on sucking up peoples time and runs, this was an epic trip for a lot of folks and they wanted the experience in itself, un-sullied by a dude with a camera in their face.  That only added to the challenge, as I had to shoot doc style the whole time.  I have many friends who shoot skiing specifically, and they put hours and hours into single shots, I did not have that set up and it made it hard to get good descending shots.  Ascending however was much easier as I could clearly see the potential compositional choices and could make them ahead of time and get the shots.  In any case enjoy the shots!

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