Saturday, April 07, 2012

April 2012 Torske Klubben Meeting

 Another great Torske Klubben meeting.  I originally hauled in my DSLR to shoot the meeting and quickly realized it would be way to intrusive.  So for the first time I whipped out the handy 4S and went the Hipstamatic route.  It caught a bit of the action, but someday I hope to have the light and the ability to truly get some shots of this interesting group.  This month the talk was from a MN Supreme Court Justice about his Norwegian roots.  The questions however turned to the recent US Supreme Court Hearings on the Health Care Bill and it was interesting to hear his insight.  A talk well worth the trip in its own right....of course I also like the butter binge as well!  I however, for the second time in a week was skunked by rain and although I hauled the bike was not able to ride Leb!

You got a ticket?
Whispers and side conversations

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