Sunday, April 01, 2012

Back in the land of the bacon strip: Cuyuna 2012

Red Love

Tae ripping Bob Sled

Tae down!!

The family and I packed up the car and headed for the Brainerd Lakes Area this weekend.  Cuyuna is open and Margaret's mom's lake home was free so we loaded up the bikes and kicked off the single- track season.
I had a couple of really cool experiences while I was in Crosby, a place that has been quite important in my life these past few years.  First, the idea that I have spent a ton of time there and much to the detriment of my family.  However I really felt like Cuyuna was giving back to me personally when Tae, Margaret and I rode Bob Sled on saturday.  Tae is still rocking the Strider bike and he was literally rocking it!
In fact he had the first "real" crash I have seen him take.  It was that aha moment I had been waiting for as a parent.  It was obvious he was either going to get up and be done riding for the day and maybe longer or he was going to shake it off and roll on down the trail.  He shook it off, it took some tears but he totally got back in the horse and finished not only Bob Sled but also several other trails in the Yawkey area.  We may have a rider on our hands!
On the way home on highway 210 I had another epiphany.  I cant even begin to count the trips I have made on highway 210 between Deerwood and Carlton to do my job at Cuyuna.  It is a lonely stretch of road.  Not much in the way or pit stops (although the McGregor bakery is a great one) and coming home after 5pm it is a ghost town.  Many times on that drive I had sat back wondered if I would ever see the day when there would be cars with mountain bikes on them making the trip to ride Cuyuna.  Well today was that day.  I saw at least six cars with good quality rides on them, red dirt on the tires heading west today.  What a hoot to say the least.
Of course I had my own rides as well.  The most fun being the usual romp with Nick Staz, pretty much go as fast you can, no breaks and enjoy the grins...

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Kenspeckle said...

That is a dad moment, isn't it: what's it going to be when he gets up after a header like that?

Evidently Tae is already learning the recreational-dirtbag suppression of the innate survival instinct of the species.