Thursday, April 05, 2012

Cuyuna: Shoulder season and what your missing!

The bones of the beast


Dead lake 

Sight lines anybody?

Nick, joining the Dark Side
Man, what a whirlwind of a week!  Tuesday I had the pleasure of meeting with a lot of my friends in the MN DNR.  Then I went and met even more friends at QBP.  That in itself would be worth a blog post.
However Wed then found me back at Cuyuna to work with the club there and meet with Nick Statz.  I like meeting with Nick, mainly because his office is the trail system!
This is the time to ride Cuyuna folks.  No people.  Firm trails, huge long sight lines and tacky, tacky turns on well dialed and updated berms.  Wow.


samh said...

You do a spectacular job of promoting this place, Hansi. Next time I visit family in St. Paul I hope to plan a trip "Up Nort'" to ride these fine specimens of trails.

Derek Weiss said...

Nice! Never ridden there before. Will be in MN for a week in September. Looking forward to checking that place out.