Sunday, April 15, 2012

Chicago Off Road Cycling: The rest of the story.

Air Saw Wee Kee

Scares the hell out of me but it sure looks pretty

A fun crew to ride with.  CAMBr

Dry hard and fast.  Palos

Art for all

SRAM Test riding track

In Duluth we are expecting snow

Old World Awesome


Yee Haw!!

Pumpy Saw Wee Kee
The success of the IMBA Chapter program has finally come to roost for me personally.  IMBA was finally able to hire a new RD to take some of my region off my shoulders.  Thus, I found myself passing the torch to Andy Williamson in Chicago this week.  We had a great visit.  Saw some really good friends at SRAM, met the CABMr folks for their board meeting and got in some fun riding.  In the past I had always been shut out of riding Palos and Saw Wee Kee due to time or weather.  So I was really stoked to get out and tour the trails.  We had some great guides in the folks that actually built the systems we were riding on.  Always a huge bonus as most of those trails had you needed to way find on your own you would be either lost or doing a combination of trails that is not the optimal fun it could be.

We were also really fortunate to get to meet and ride with Matt Slager, son of Stan Slager one of the dirt bosses at Palos.  Matt was a great rider and I found myself in that hard situation of having some good riding talent in front of me, my camera and no time.  We flashed out some quick shots, sans flash and got some fun images though.  I hope to someday head back and see Matt and dedicate some real shooting time to Chicago as it has a lot of photogenic qualities that were fun to visualize.

After our day of riding and looking at CAMBrs trails we also went to one of my favorite cafes.  I know that if I lived in the Palos region I would be hitting that place ALL the time.  Old Country does amazing Polish and Lithuanian food.  Lets put this way, they love meat and potatoes and do NOT spare the butter.  It reminds me of hanging at my Grandmothers house.... real food, real history.

Thanks again CAMBr!


agleck7 said...

I'm a Minnesotan now living/riding in Chicago and big fan of the blog. I'm bummed to miss your visit. Next time you're headed down definitely put the word out on the blog!

fattyr said...

It was a great time Hansi. If not sooner we will see you in Copper. Plus we need to get out and do some fishing, Matts other favorite past time.