Thursday, April 19, 2012

Confessions from a metal tossing red neck...

Here comes the sun


The killing frost

Back light on the gate to fun

pay off

This has been the week of driving, working and slipping in a bit of playing on the side.  I was lucky enough to have to work with the HPT club in Lacrosse this week so I was able to visit my family in Pickwick and get out for some dawn fishing.

It was fun to get out on the stream for the first time this season and I have to confess a few things that might put in arrears with some of my fishing brethren.

First off, know that I was that kid in cut off jeans, Converse All Stars wailing away with a spinning rod on the trout stream.  There is a great Norman Rockwell painting where the well dressed and sophisticatedly equipped fly rodder is paying the local yocal kid (holding a bucket of worms) for a brace a sweet Trout.  Well cut that kid out and place me in the picture.  I was deadly with a number 2 Panther Martin and if the water was high and muddy, with drift casting a night crawler.  It was actually really hard and really fun.

Later in life and even now, I was turned on to fly casting and love it and it is the way I have moved as a fisherman.  But again, I have to confess every once in a while I love to drag out the ultra light gear and go toss metal and see what I drag out of that deep dark run... Tuesday morning was that type of day and it was perfect.

Oh the other confession?  I love to eat trout.  I return 99% of what I catch to the stream but every year I pull one or two fish out and make Trout Breakfast.  Usually it is spring and its fresh trout (like 15 minutes from the water fresh) soft boiled eggs and Morel mushrooms.  Ummmm.  Unapologetic on all confessions......


gene dale kalligher said...

Whew glad I'm not the only one pulling that old spinning gear out of the closet. My weakness is brook trout. I know I shouldn't do it but every now and again I have to take one home. My penance is adding trash and old fishing line to my creel in hopes of balancing myself out with the trout gods. Great pics thanks for the post.

Vito said...

Love it!!

By the wife and I were in Duluth "Paris" over the weekend. We met Rick Allen at Siiviis and I must tell you that it was a delight. What a wonderful person and phenomenal artist. I told him that we were familiar with his art work, but that your blog post about him and his work really sparked my interest. Of course he asked if I knew you and I said only from your blog. He also asked me about riding Cuyuna;) Thanks much! We really enjoyed our chat.