Monday, June 18, 2012

Family time 2012: Young Otter Lodge Hayward, WI

Sunset on a stormy day

Sight fishing Large Mouths..

Human powered

Good coffee every morning

Listening to the thunder

Lost streams and brookie heaven

Tight cheeks and spinning rods

Kids and cabins
It has been a crazy summer as usual and I apologize if my post frequency has been lacking a bit!  I am busy as ever, just no perhaps with my camera as much as I would like to be.  That said after a great month of mountain bike events (Copper Harbor and Cuyuna) I was able to take some time and hang with my parents, my family and my little brother and his family.  I miss my bro dearly and anytime we can hang it is great.  Of course that also means we fish.  We hit the small lake where my parents cabin is and we fished for literally anything that would bite.  Mainly with fly rods.  We also took a side trip and hit an old brookie stream that we used to fish nearly 20 years ago.  We had to do some serious investigative work to find it again, but we did and suffice to say it was better now than it was then.  Due to the tightness of the stream we fired up the spin rods and played "golf" as we took turns hitting hole after hole and literally caught dozens of fish.  What a great time.  Not sure if I am rested or not, but it sure was fun!  Here are some random images of the days spent with my fam.

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Nothing like family time:)