Saturday, June 30, 2012

The lost files: Thomson, MN/ Jay Cooke Flood 2012

Dane Johnson wading down Dalles Ave, Thomson MN
This is the first frame I took on Dalles Ave in Thomson, MN.  The time is about 6.30 am on Wednesday June 20th.  Unfortunately this shot most likely killed my 16 Gig CF card.  As you can see it was pouring buckets, as it had been doing for hours and hours.  I ended up shooting the full card but it finally shut down and refused to work and I was unable to download the images I had on it.  Frustrating as there are certainly some interesting shots of the peak of the storm itself.  However, thanks to Ryan Marshik of Irent Photo I am able to salvage some shots.  He is using some of his magic software to tease out as many of my shots as possible from the defective CF Card.

Thanks again Ryan!

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