Thursday, June 28, 2012

My "Disaster" Bike: Thomson Flood 2012

Sylvan and my Surly Pugsley

Nothing sad about riding a fat bike
Our town has been blessed with the arrival of about 20-30 Christian volunteers.  I am going to do a post specifically about them and their help eventually, but I thought I would tell this story on its own.

My vehicle of choice throughout the disaster has been my Pugsley.  It goes anywhere as many of you know and it has thus become the way through mud filled streets, over broken pavement, through swamped yards and to peoples houses.  I used it to ride quite literally through the water during the flood while I was photographing the dam.  In any case I am also using it to fly across town, so I can lend a hand at the various spots that I am needed.  The folks in town, most who have no idea what a fat bike is, call it my "Disaster Bike".

Sylvan was one of the Amish volunteers who arrived with the Christian Ministries.  I could see all day that he was eyeing up the Pug so finally I asked him if he wanted to ride it.  This kid had not spoken a word all day.  His face lightened  up immediately and he began talking right away.  He was thrilled.  Sylvan told me that at home he can only travel by horse and buggy or by bike and he had to travel a lot around his community.  He hopped on the bike and was like a kid in a candy shop.  His joy was evident and it was a really cool moment in an otherwise fairly somber day.

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