Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Still waters, fast canoe.

Still waters, fast canoe

Backyard therapy

Web tastic morning

Still waters, fast canoe.

Back when I still fancied myself a serious athlete I suffered a fairly traumatic hamstring injury (at least I thought it was traumatic).  I was young, I was impatient and I was not healing fast enough.  I may as well have been a race horse with a broken leg to be honest with you.  I ended up seeing a sports med doc at Mayo to help me recover.  He eventually realized that it was not my hamstring that was holding me back, it was my mental state.  I was not relaxing at night and thus my muscles were actually firing all night, not giving my hamstrings a chance to heal.  In order to create a calm mental state the doc asked me to picture what I thought was the most relaxing situation I could imagine every night before I went to bed, or if I was stressed out.  It was a no brainer.

Still waters, fast canoe.

Now as I am past my athletic stage and into the life of a professional and a parent and all the other things that come with being 41 I still snap back to this image when things get hairy.  It helped me through an RF Ablation, it helped me through an adoption, it helped me through a career change and I am sure it will help me through a lot more things in the future.

Still waters, fast canoe.

You know what I mean if you have felt it.


pattib said...

Beautiful! I may not know "still waters, fast canoe" but I know "smooth roads, fast bike." What's important is in our minds.

Anonymous said...

Dude....same same except mine is a Itascha full of gear and my family! Hope summer is treatign you well....JJ in VT