Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thomson, MN Water line Mission: Flood 2012

Yup, need a bigger culvert:  Highway 210 Bridge Carlton, MN

Main Waterline for Thomson, MN severed and flapping in the Louie.

Trail side companion

Temp sewer line being dragged across the river to Thomson via the Munger trail

The Rootbeer River 

If you paddle here you know how big the Louie is right now: Epic.
Getting around these days in this area is a real pain.  Either you cant get there because the road is no longer with us, or there is a check point that will not allow you to legally enter.

One of my big jobs with the City of Thomson is to act as photo documentarian.  I am busily gathering FEMA application photo's or giving shots to the media or politicians, including the Governer's office.  Today however, we realized we did not have a good shot of the severed city water line.  Thomson actually receives water from Carlton and the water line crosses with the St. Louis River via the 210 Bridge.  That of course was cut in half due to the high waters.  To get a shot of the water line I had to ride across Vermillion Street, cross via the overlook trails near the UMD Canoe and Kayak Center (the Munger is out between Thomson and the bike bridge).

I chose my Pugsley and was able to ride a lot of trail and then connect back to the Munger where I continued over the bridge to Carlton.  There I had to navigate a MN DNR Check point.  I then road back to the river via 210.  Once again I had to go through two Carlton Sheriff checkpoints to finally get the shot.  The trip was like an escape.  As I rode down the path I could almost make believe none of this ever happened.  That the swinging bridge still exists and that I can go for a road ride through the park.  That Pete Koski's house was not stove in and buried by silt and water.  The white throated sparrows were singing proud and nature was in abundance on the trail.  However once I hit Carlton the destruction was hard to ignore.  Workers were already working on temp sewer lines and possibly water lines that will use the Munger Trail to get to our town.


Vito said...

Hansi, I've been following your posts and I'm awestruck and horrified at the same time. Just want you to know that you, your family, and everyone else in your community and others along the St. Louis River are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay high and dry and I hope all turns out well. Thanks also for keeping us well informed.

Aaron W. Hautala said...

Hansi. Incredible documentation. As I said in my voicemail, let us know here in Cuyuna where, if, and how we can help. We're almost back up again here, red dirt wise. -Aaron