Monday, July 02, 2012

Life in the "D" zone: Thomson, MN Flood 2012

Water and sewer are almost back on line
Tae playing in the water storage tanks on Dalles ave, Thomson MN

Marg and Tae having a swim

Hot sauna bathroom love.  You wont be missed
Man I have had my share of water this month.  First way too much of it, then not enough of it.  Once the waters receded we were left with no water or sewer.  Because of that huge clean water storage tanks were put on the street.  Mainly for washing.  Porta Poties were also put on the street as well.  So we had the ability to rinse stuff and also to use a toilet.  Bottled water was what we were using in the house for cooking and drinking.  This weekend, they were able to get the sewer and water temporarily on line.  However the water in the lines is full of chemicals and is as of yet, still not able to be used for health reasons.  However we do have the ability to use our sewer system.  Ah, what a luxury that feels like now!  Something about Porta Potties in 90 degree heat...  Since the water is now on line they are removing the storage tanks and because of that, Marg and Tae had a celebratory swim!

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