Monday, September 10, 2012

COGGS: Gitchi Gumi Gallivant 2012!


Well Supported by the Thirsty Pagan!


Berms of Piedmont

Butta smooth Lester

Techy rocks of Piedmont

Fun hawg

Colors are already here and already going...

Finishing group in Lester
Man what a day.  In and out rain the full day.  Sun to gutter runners.  It was so fun to ride the length and breadth of what is the city of Duluth off road trails.  It was such a pick up for me, it has been a huge summer of hard work on many different trail systems that I have often not had time to really get on the trails in Duluth and remember why I live here in the first place.  The GGG, was a great reminder.  At one point there were nearly 50 people on the ride.  It was so fun to ride with really fast and serious single track schralpers and then later go to the back of the ride and hang with total newbies, just struggling to survive.  All had the same dazed smile on their faces.  Thirsty Steve, may have had a bit to do with that in that fact that all along the way there were strategically placed growlers of Thirsty Pagan beer!  COGGS needs to be more than commended for a great event.  They need to be recognized because their club is growing and it is growing with young members and people who are wanting to get involved with that future of the club.  On top of that the trails around here are getting better and better and we have yet to even start on the projects we are envisioning in the future.  So great work COGGS, you folks are killing it and thanks from not only an IMBA guy, but from a local who's community is better because of it....

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Eric and Noelle Grunwald said...

Damn, your blog really makes me miss Duluth! Oh well, life in the desert is okay I guess but I miss the big lake and the trees.