Monday, September 17, 2012

Cuyuna Klunker Ride 2012

Aaron H.Killing it on the 1950's Green Hornet!

NORBA!  Wow,  I think I remember that....

Aaron's first prize trophy for the Hornet

Some great reading here!
It was a two event weekend for me.  Cheq 40 on Friday.  Great to see old friends and many, many clubs in attendance for the premier mountain biking event in our world!

Then Saturday I headed off to Cuyuna for the first annual Klunker Ride.  What a gas to get on these old school and original bikes and shred Bob Sled and Yawkey.  The turnout was great.  It was fun to see first hand some original 1970's and 1980's era restored bikes.  It was also cool to meet all the people who brought them and hear their stories.  It was like a car show, only bike and then you got to ride em!
Congrats to Bruce for putting this on, I think it will only grow bigger and bigger....

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Bruce Swanson said...

I'm really lovin' that photo of Aaron and the Hornet. Thanks for coming to our little shindig.
...Father Klunker