Friday, September 14, 2012

Duluth versus Bozeman: Bozeman Outside Magazine

Evening commute: Duluth, MN

Last night at the end of the COGGS Town Hall meeting about the Duluth Traverse I was approached by Casey Krueger and asked if I had seen this story, written by Ryan Krueger.  Ryan is a former midwesterner and brothers with Casey and Tim Krueger.  The story pits Duluth versus Bozeman, and as I usually toss articles to the side as it is like comparing apples to oranges I decided to check it out.

I decided to check it out because our great Mayor is bent on turning Duluth into the trails capitol of the nation and he mentioned that last night in his speech.

That said, Ryan compares Bzone trails to Duluth Trails and gives Duluth the win....and that is before we have even started on the Spirit project and the Duluth Traverse.  Of course the article also goes on to compare rivers, mountains and the rest, however I will say that while Montana will win out on mountains and trout, the Bzone is not the mountains or trout.  After having lived in both and having seen the explosion of people within the Bzone (and taking out anything over a 20 mn drive as Montana), you realize what an amazing place that Duluth is becoming.  Especially if you are raising a family, into mountain biking, paddling and fishing....not to mention the arts and music.  Now if we could just get more snow and a few more pubs and cafe's....wait, those are already coming too!


samh said...

Hansi, nice to see you commenting on this. As a resident of Duluth from '05 to '08 and a resident of Bozeman since I agree with your sentiments.

The author obviously clearly has his head squarely in his rear-end thinking our rivers here in BZN top those of the North and South shores but otherwise, most of his comparisons are pretty accurate.

mark scotch said...

been saying similar for the past few years in respect to the trails out west vs. the midwest....also been predicting the IMBA Summit to land in Duluth soon as well, with a day trip to CAMBA...and/or Cuyuna???

Lincoln Jamrog said...

Been enjoying the blog...Spirit Mtn trail looks cool. A few factors I believe sway me in favor of Bozeman after a summer visit to Duluth...Bozeman weather! 320 days of sun and pretty minimal rain can't be beat. And the economy. I saw like 5 jobs in the classifieds in Duluth. Ouch. Bozeman wins there too. Also, for in town trails Duluth wins, but if the guy includes the CAMBA trails, then for Bozeman you have to include everything in that same radius: 1.5 hours. And then you have an incredible amount of trails in 5 different mountain ranges....