Thursday, September 27, 2012

Friends are family

Shauna leads the way
Aaron and Elias tell the stories
I am one busy person.  I admit that I struggle to balance family, friends and work and a lot of people could tell you about my success or failings at that.

This week has been so great, such a breath of fresh air.  The world has seemed to land in Duluth these past days and we have had a plethora of amazing people crossing our doorstep and hanging out with Tae.  What a blessing to be involved with such interesting people and to have them interact, educate and influence my kids life experience.

Thanks to Shauna for swinging by as she moves to Ghana and to Aaron and Elias, perhaps two of the best trail builders in the country right now hanging out and roasting marshmallows with Tae.  These are people that lead their lives from the sharp end and if Tae can learn one thing from this chaos laden father of his, it is live, learn and play with people like these....