Monday, October 01, 2012

Go ride Bullwinkle!

Ryan Nelson reliving Saturday morning cartoons.

After being gone over the weekend I decided to check out the progress on the new Duluth Flow Trail at Spirit Mountain (which needs a damn name by the way) and was super stoked on the progress.  However it is obvious that people are poaching it despite the fact that it is as soft as a new fallen snow and the damage is a bummer.  Please folks, I know it is hard but please wait for some water to fall and harden the trail!  Then come out and help us shape and compact it, if you can do that then we will have some insane riding for years, versus your one slow assed descent on sugar berms.....If you need to ride something, go to the Harbor and ride Bullwinkle!


chance said...

super lame people keep poaching it! put a bunch of causion tape like ever 50 ft to show its closed or something!

names: brazillian booty shaker or 7 minutes in heaven?

chance said...

or maybe ride the wave

Anonymous said...

"... the spark..."