Monday, October 01, 2012

Mississippi River Fall hunting and fishing respite 2012

Watching and waiting to see what happens

A worthy Mississippi view

Pelicans heading for Mexico

Funny looking ducks around here

Heading home to check out the trout streams

It has been a great fall.  Great for work that is.  A lot is getting done and I have to say, never complain about success.  However I am grieving the fact that I am missing a lot of my fall hunting and fishing time because of it.  This weekend I was able to scratch that itch a little bit.  Duck hunting in the morning with my father (despite the summer like weather) and then due to the early stop times (cant hunt past 4pm early season here) hitting the trout streams for the evening hatch.  I was also able to hang with my parents and of course my own family as well.  In fact Margaret and I paddled across to the Trempealeau Hotel for a G&T, one of our first dates and then the site of our wedding.

I love where I live and what I do, but I have say I could just chuck it all, move back to Winona and become a river rat without any problem or regrets.....

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Ken said...

Aw man, the weather was fantastic in that area of the country this weekend; we were enjoying ourselves in Decorah.