Sunday, November 25, 2012

Adapt or Die Part Two: Here we go again! Winter Fat Bike fun 2012


St.Elmos Fire: Fat Tire style

Perfect conditions
Well adapt or die part two here we go.  Shoulder season.  Not quite good enough for this and not quite good enough for that.  Enter the tool of the times, the Fat Bike.  Too much snow and this baby sucks, too little and well, its not a winter sport.  Just enough and you have the makings for some real fun, on par with any other sport in my opinion....

Demoing a Salsa Mukluk Ti and it is amazing!

We had those perfect Fat Bike conditions this weekend.  Got to say, I have not ridden, eaten and hit the sauna so much in a long time.  My Saturday morning ride was a bit stiff as the thermometer read a full whopping 1 degree. Amazing to be riding in that cold and dry of snow, the static and the sun made for some interesting visuals off the front tire!

Things really seem to be setting the stage for what could be an interesting winter here in the northland, lets keep our fingers crossed.

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Malcolm Macaulay said...

Nice to see the world from your eyes Hansi. Keep searching out the beauty and breathlessness. mm